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caldum salts, failed until 15 c.c. of rabbits' serum were given hypo-

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It is also frequent in anemias due to constitutional conditions, such as

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high-tension pulse and should be treated accordingly.

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One fact may be noted, which is, that tuberculous disease of bones

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little book on my desk and to apologise to my patients for

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closing investigations might be relaxed? — Yes ; results might;

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B. Fraenkel, of Berlin, supported by more than two score

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being accompanied by symptoms of gastric functional disorder. The

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I have gone minutely into the details of the operation from

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Bab<es, Fancourt, M,D., F.R.S.Edin. Case of Lithotomy in the Female

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found to be sterile, and generally subside without producing any se-

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has offered a long-defeiTed reparation to these autliors in so far as it

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Ships were boarded at sea, except in rough weather, when

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recovery or power after rest. It is, however, a grave complaint, for,

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Griffiths, C. A , L.R.C P.Lond. Burden. H., L R C P.Lond.

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action of the ciliary muscle as a cause of astigmatism ; proof

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wrist becomes considerably adducted by the unopposed action

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to the condition of the pulse in acute laryngitis, nor does it

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dissect, and in his time time there existed an "anatomer," an

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He had served the same society well as secretary to the Myxcu-

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Another correspondent now complains that he and his

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-obtained. Dunham then found that this peptone method had

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secretary for the Surrey County Council, remarked upon the

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The central canal of the spinal cord possesses a peculiar interest

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had her jaw locked by trismus. Shortly afterward her husband.entered,

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Besides the crescents, there were many actively motile extracellular

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quent complaint, so that authors spoke of serous apoplexy. We now

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muscles. It is time that a muscle can exercise its functions of work

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and-fat-fed dogs the percentage of carbohydrates in the blood of the

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instructive, and cannot fail to be of much practical use to the