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spasmodic cough, coming on in paroxysms and without expector-

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There are 68 candidates for graduation in the University of Mary-

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short, stumpy pedicle has dropped in, with sloughy shreds at-

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alkalinity, or wrongs of innervation, or disease of which this may

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biographer, Malgaigne, tell many stories character-

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much experience during this endemic, relied principally

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The human eye does not send back normally, as the eye

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the longer-standing cases the treatment must be repeated more

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ble to these varying conditions of secretion, as the follow-

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vical vertebra stops the flow, because it so reduces the general

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irritant accumulations. Moisture, on the contrary, expresses a

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these have completely disappeared ; " while he asserts that Dr.

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"Previous to reading Dr. Webster's article I had never used

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is an impairment of the life of the part — the structures being

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tion. But it especially shows the need of acids, and in this re-

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aesculus glabra, and has been successfully employed in the treat-

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and in nervous exhaustion, the judicious administration of cactus

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been made upon it, and affording encouragement and guid-

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failed after long and repeated trials. It seems to act favorably

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followed by a hot stage and a sweating stage — all occupying a

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It has been shown that the amount of animal heat may be

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removed. In catarrhal affections of the kidneys, bladder and

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exertion, extremities are cold, nervous debility, when it is de-

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passages in nephritic complaints, in which cases a decoction is

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such as dusky eruption, dirty, dry, cracked tongue, malignant

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Cooper. " About three ounces of red serum in the pericardi-

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the importance of not allowing any occasion to escape for

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je@°"Physicians desirous of examining Part One will be supplied with a copy by sending $1.00

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modes of lying, sitting, squatting, hanging, and standing, as

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ductive organs, and is employed with much advantage in men-

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theorists, and panic makers ; so that those who know no

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as the activity of tissue. In other cases it requires passive move-

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and with pains in the bones, oppression in the chest, a great thirst,

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ish. If the dog is not relieved at this stage of the disease,

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into acid phosphates, to which the urine owes its acid reaction.

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the blood other than by withdrawing the materials for its supply.

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"Staphisagria has a specific action upon the reproductive

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without sufficient or corresponding cause, tells the story. Hys-

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some sort systematized, with its rules and its pro-

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reach the liver ; the communication being broken, the

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plained of a strange fluttering in his chest, a sensation of uneiisiness,

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