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thickened, and the tube is generally somewhat narrowed above the seat nf
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more than a limited time, but even after this time it so modi-
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fluctuation of some ; by its dulness on percussion ; by its displacement of
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developed a generalized epileptic seizure and was re-
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tally and physically. Especially, don't allow yourselves to worry, but,
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iable to eventuate in deafness. Hemorrhage in various situations occurs
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to the hardness of tin- bone beneath, blunt instruments often divide
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Jour. Am. Med. Assn., 1919, 72. p. 720. Gibson, H. G.J Bowman, I-'. B., and Connor, I. I.:
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of July 25th. I would state, however, that on Friday the
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Etiology. — It may be due to phlebitis of any systemic
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associated, in the University of Louisville, with many men of learn-
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cerate, and extended: during this time, the physician is directing the process
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brace all that the volume contains on of the
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was also thereby corrected. The foot was retained for five weeks
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ries by public demonstrations, the other quietly points to the hosts
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we're also applied to the fauces every two or three hours.
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Eclipse, with the supposition of being able to post his equal
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be seen by a reference to the list of subscribers) by the illustrious, the
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days, respectively. The cases in a given group became ill within a
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Capillary bronchitis occurs especially in young children, and, next in
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entirely the cavity and fix the compressed and empty lung in one
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of wounds of the face inflicted by the bill of a rooster. — Boston Medical and
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tomy and Physiology : Senior, Mr. J. D. Hill ; silver medal,
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Ink for writing on Zinc Labels. Horticultural ink : 1. Dis-
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came into the hospital with a fistula thoroughly estab-
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From the above account it is evident that we have to deal
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symijtoras which the physician has occasion to observe every day.
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lady came to you and told you she was in the family- way :
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ingitis uncomplicated by any pneumonia, showed green-
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of certain parasites. Why should these anticipations or retardations
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Misbranding. — The term "misbranding" is specifically defined in
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in an aqueous solution of phenol ; a white, clear precipitate
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mittee ; and we find, therefore, that a great addition of space
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opinions on the subject, and subsequently on observing
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from such conditions as flat feet, pronated ankles, knock-knee, torsion
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to Diseases of the Skin, Arch. Dermat. and Syph., 1921, 3, 223.
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tration are the production of a local analgesic effect, and the avoidance of gastric
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tively deleterious to them. The physician must therefore carefully con-
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ness, and who had been tapped sufficiently often to
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