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represented 1,668 families, 2,039 dependants, 755 insane, 23

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Retinal examination was said to be "normal," although I

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is very grave. Cases of portal pyaemia hardly ever recover. The prognosis

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vious attacks of palpitation, and those were thought to be

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and their graduates allowed to practise their profession within

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tongue is seen more often in scarlet fever than in diphtheria, in which

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around the cavity. The absence of a dimple results from the acute,

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mg per 100 ml) but when the blood urea N is under 150


serum. D of dichromate the density of the 0.01 percent

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nothing suggestive of the presence of an inflammation ; but there is fibrosis. It

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at the entrance, louse infested, and later be passed through the

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space above the solution. Cock / at the bottom of the

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But the disappearance of all these symptoms as convalescence

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from in 1824. He began the practice of medicine at Wilton, Maine, but removed to

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The contagium vivum is singularly retentive of life, and is most active.

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solution are added to give it the faintest possible tinge of pink,

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imagine, a physician would seldom find himself really embarrassed

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febrile period or with some complicating factor, such as

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below in proportions simulating the different degrees of

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relating to the selection of medicine for disease involves every

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disease was recognised as being the intestinal discharges.

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hard tissues, as in bone, this often leads to necrosis.

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for four or five days. I also got a cough which was very troublesome.

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than this of the ravages wrought by alcohol is furnished by the

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6. Large liver and spleen, but blood and rest of physical

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ref ractile cell walls ; single or multiple budding.

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Parker, Francis P., A Textbook of Clinical Pathology, The

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associated with conditions of overcrowding and destitution. Characterised

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(if any), and the address of the person to whom the report is to

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of pauperism and crime of the survivors in succeeding gener-

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really accounts for the difficulty of putting together any satis-

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the epigastrium or across the midabdomen. The pain had

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at present many of its features are obsolete, and not adapted to

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the blepharoplast there is usually a dark, shining, round or rodlike

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chronic emphysema, a condition which obviously complicates the