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thrown into the street, and there allowed to remain until decomposi-

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have not the least doubt but what this girl's sickness was pro-

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sorbed. The aetiology of this complication is obscure, as it ap-

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the tesult vitiated bv the water left behind after evaporation.

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tions, rupture of the perineum, puerperal convulsions, and

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cologic research. The most important feature of such analysis

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ment, the most common manifestations of nervous excitement

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which always contain some gas, float to the upper part of the

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99 Detection of Bile Pigment and Bile Acids. Determination of

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right side of the body. Another patient gave a his-

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Dr. Pennington gave a blackboard demonstration and paper

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in the cerebral labyrinth which other methods were in-

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The addresses we publish this year all do great credit and

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conditions of secondary disease within the lungs as in hyper-

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en from the shores of the continent, or find a grave beneath its forests.

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is flaccid ; it collapses Avhen placed u])on a table, tlie lu'inis]»hoi-os so])ai-ating

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.seetion, lal)ouring an<l studyiiitr lor months,

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or acquired bodily ailments. The Czar of Russia is said to be

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had I known the condition of the kidneys. This should have

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exudate of serum or other liquid. It is particularly useful

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of the use of chloroform in obstetrical operations, and

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The patient had passed his water shortly before the wound, and

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become so fatal to our species, has> been made a subject of re-

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copulation is defeated. This is relative impotence.

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hemispheres, but also the medulla oblongata, bloodless ; hence the

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directed downwards and slightly forwards, the instrument being so curved

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Abdomen. — There was a considerable amount of fluid in the

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made with the results of a previous census taken in the same

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ered remarkable, and the peculiarly happy recovery made, something