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evident tiiat any marked discrepancy between the time of their
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ter, N". Y., has on exhibition its well known gyne-
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left on the side of the infant, that in case the first
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(For Complete Program, See Section on Public Health
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(4) To study the best breeds of cattle and sheep abroad, with the puri>ose of
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chiefly confined to the deep layer of the epidermis and contiguous
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inflammations and accumulations of fluid will inevitably
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bladder by the injection of some antiseptic fluid. 2.
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matter of fact, it was found within 2 ft. of the duodeno-jejunal junction.
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store of fat, or, if large quantities of fats and carbohydrates are
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deviation from the right line makes the wheels strike against
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weeks. There was no appearance of blood ; it was pneumonic plague in
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dren, in addition to the teacher, had super6cial puo'
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and receive. The next Pharmacopoeia! Convention, which
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been recently developed in sanitary circles in Bridge-
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giving off ammonia, and forming a very volatile oil with the odour
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the usual vacation) on all the important subjects be-
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shaped fibrous cells ; but no larger cells, or evidence of any malig-
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member report his cases annually. Thus he makes a contribution
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state of society, may seem to render excessive and unremitted assiduity
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by laparotomy, opened and evacuated, and, as extirpation of the sac,
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providing medical care to the Army, soldiers in the field
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Marshall discusses the results obtained by others. His own
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implying the coincident affection of the bronchi and of the air-cells, and
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cal, and perhaps dangerous, but not of sufficient con-
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danger of air-infection, and hence more attention should
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the limb in various directions passes over and bruises
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quantities, say a pint or more at a time. The examination of
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January 25. — Pulse inclined to be running; retching at
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deficiency occurs in all grades, from the lowest forms
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Chicago River, as was also, at times, a supply obtained from
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fatally or in an anchylosed joint. Scrofula also attacks internal parts
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breast, and in a few days its recovery was complete.
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cian will neglect to arrest the spread of the disease, by effecting the remo-
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day for another four or eight weeks. The shampooing must be
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yet of a definite and easily calculated percentage.
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Curgenven. Mr. J. B., contagion of cholera, 026; infan.
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absorbed; we have no definite knowledge of the amount of mercury
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selves who write themselves down — what poor Dogberry was so anxious to
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In advanced cases of Morbus Basedowi, where alarming
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extension allows an overriding of the fragments with conse-
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25. Also. Reprint. . Statistics of sixty cases of ty-
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plete nor correct. We hope, however, in our next issue, to give
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desirous of seeing if similar cases would be amenable
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supposed, for its name is often used to cover the hated
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out. Group II. Operation yields the best results in those