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let him be called 'doc,' and his professional success is
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•woman was killed at Greenwich on the 16th ultimo by the
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9 per cent of the infant mortality occurred in breast fed infants. In
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temperature in cases of high fever. It has a depressing action
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great degree. In dried skulls I have found that a small amount
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physicians who currently face military service in Priorities I and II
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(sixty-nine days after injection), the guinea pigs were killed and on autopsy
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Causes. — These variations are produced by the various effects
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rilla en Cuba. Crcjn. m6d.-quir. de la Habana, 1894, xi,
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which is rarest of all. The diagnosis was verified by the last movement
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ward in his work on (Jamp Diseases points out that camp measles pre-
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This purely vasomotor cyanosis evidently depends upon a degree of vascular
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We cannot in any wise be puffed up, for I believe the
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that such signal success will inspire him with resolution to
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two months before, she had a stitch in her side, was feverish, with some
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Dr. Bonner, closing the discussion: I have nothing to supplement
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semia is followed by serous transudation and extravasation of leucocytes
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servation within the last few years, I have been led to think that the disease
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finger in the rectum. 1 know by the way that the in-
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lated December 28, died February 2S from throm])osis of mesen-
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spiration, instead of outward, as usual. Its explanation is as
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Only a few pieces of any size were obtained and from these sections
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there is muscular spasm of tonic character, without the clonic sp;ism
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complexity of the data offered proves a barrier to identification it
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diagram I show reproduces certain phases of weather condition in
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urotropine, and on the seventh day he stopped its use. On
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seen that such an increased intra-vascular pressure is by far the
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holders. In a later part of his recapitulation, Dr G. uses the following impres-