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watched closely and, as Dr. Hamilton said, as soon as
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and most authoritative textbook in the English lan-
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tuted and recognized authority. 2. Officinal (dei-ivcd from officina,
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gests a coal-black appearance, or the dark-red colour of the precious
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operation for removing nearly the entire conjunctiva around the
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this coverage will be changed at the expiration of the
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bearing a remedy; the power possessed by diseased persons of supporting
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and dyuiydc, drawing forth). Lithagogues ; medicines which expel or
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tients, in a rather short experience, are benefited by
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In preparing it, a full-bodied Spanish wine is employed,
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1. Test-mixers. Tall, cylindrical bottles for preparing test-acids,
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CHOLESTERjE'MI A [cholesterin, and ulna, blood). Blood-
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men, fibrin, saline and fatty matters in solution and admixture,
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“ a sweet principle obtained from fats and fi.\ed oils, and containing a
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stage of vesicle ; hcBmorrhagic, vihen blood is effused into the vesicles
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principles of which the body is constituted. — Webster.
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mustard. According to Brande, it contains camphor, oil of turpentine,
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TUSSILA'GO FA'RFARA. Coltsfoot; an indigenous Composite
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27. Hernia gutturis. Bronchocele, goitre, or enlargement of the
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branes, the administration of pituitary substance is
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Thumb, dislocation of the end bone, 852 ; treatment of
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the second Tuesday in April, and continues ten weeks.
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found it of help in selected cases. Transitory post-
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Thompson, J B,, M. D. — Traumatic tetanus treated
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ZO'NULE OF ZINN. The name given to an assemblage of mem-
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curious in the face of curare being reputed as an antidote to strychnia.
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Patent binders for the Reporter, each lettered on the
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Physicians who keep their own books will find this of
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Sodium, and Ammonium 1-8 gr. Bromide Zinc, 1-64 gr. each of Ext. Belladonna and
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Jno. B. Johnson, M. D., Professor of the Principles and
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growth of the non-vascultir textures, or appositio.
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17. Polatin, Phillip, and Hoch. Paul; Electroshock Therapy
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taken in a more general sense, and applied to the limbs of the body.
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from so-called lifeless inorganic material. See Abiogenusis and
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I feel anorectal surgery should be considered seri-
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have been noticed in any patients.”'” “In our opinion, reactions
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ndrum. Costivencss ; confinement of the howels ; the contents of the
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vinous-coloured efflorescence not disappearing under pressure of the
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nary health, and excite no special notice from mother,
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term of endearment ; “ meum mel, meum cor, 7nea colostra.”
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SWEATING SICKNESS. Hidrosis maligna. A malignant form
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by the metabolic activity of the living cell is es-