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either gradually passes from a simple intermittent into a pernicious fever
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fully in the contagious character of this form of fever, and that the
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the situation of these unfortunate beings is capable of great ameliora-
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Two of these were killed in 42 days, and the last two died on the 48th day. All
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Ai)pended is a set of the questions given at I he lasl
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bacterial infections, by a diffusion of antigen and a consequent pro-
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Dr()|).-y of ilie pall-bladder. See Gall-ltladder. 4:33.
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pathology. The commonly unilateral nature of the disease, its cessation
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except sudden loss of speech. During the period of loss of consciousness,
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ioolu'd to at this late day, the recouimendation, that we
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Od the evening of the 5th of June she had a considerable discharge
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of which does not offer sufficiently definite data for their identification.
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matism called torticollis, or wry-neck. (See art. Rheumatism.) A branch
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pale immediately before and at the time of the seizure, and there may be
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Diseases pass off by puking, purging, diuresis, and sweats — see
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ture (80° F.), (Series 16). (2) A change from room temperature
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Treatment. — If its cause can be reached, it should at once be removed.
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It is not however within the scope of this report to discuss the
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The character of the clumps here observed differs from those
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several cases cancer develop after ordinary blood-poisoning (from sewer
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offer for consideration. But at the present time it is better to adhere
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The hemorrhagic diathesis is an hereditary disease marked by a tendency
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cat was killed. The left adrenal weighed 0.212 gm. and contained
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79, and 81 showed no macroscopic changes, while all the others showed slight
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and may even exceed it ; this is a pseudo-hypertrophy." The bones are
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that a single drop completely reduced Fehling's solution (about 2 cc).
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oigan has assumed more or less the oviform shape, we should
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lower extremity, especially the extensors of the foot and leg. In rare in-
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from 3.1 to 5.5 per cent, and the globulins from 0.8 to 2.7 per cent.
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sents the curve of the calculated values; the dots surrounded by circles represent
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one of the largest and most enthusiastic in the history