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tion ;" the three last, to syphilization, as applied to animals and
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and the diminished resisting-power which the paretic
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mid-day, that the membranes had ruptured about 7 o'clock in
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medium neutral to litmus. The usual plate cultures with gelatin made alkaline as
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blood to one part of the body, and so influence morbid action in
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to hemorrhage, makes the use of the stethoscope ditficult,
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to secure available and easily controlled hydrostatic pressure,
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Estate or elsewhere/' might be accepted in lieu of one
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ing symptoms in the diagnosis of some- of the rarer forms of grave and
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Less common and usually less intense is the acute nephritis associated
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sometimes in large quantities, at other times detectable
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tissue is often abrupt and very distinct The tracheal and
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physician should at least be familiar with the subject, if
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this disorder are unable to absorb chloride actively,
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action of the bronchial tree ; this, in certain conditions,
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have been thinking along similar planes of cleavage.
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of the more refined shades of departure from the normal,
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There is marked dyspna»a, almost always cardiac dilatation,
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The course of disseminated sclerosis is slowly but irregularly progressive.
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Crocker (1903). Diseases of the Skin, third edition, i; 418-420.
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him. 1 examined him, and found no abnormality of any
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Case VII.— T. L., aged 57, returned from Alaska 12 or 14
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of the left forefinger which lies in the rectum. At
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American and European. Ingenious modifications have been made to
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and gentle exercise, and also a tablespoonful of Saltpeter.
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formed. One year later the patient was seen again in excellent health,
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medical men of that time (ninth to fifteenth century).
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and, on cooling, deposits a copious sediment. The digestion is slow, the
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and it is of great interest to have it fairly well established that " chronic
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Sugar of milk and soluble salts. . . 3.77 5.35 6.40
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neuralgic pains thus arising may well have their true nature over-
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case referred to me in November 1864, one lung may be found congested
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