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elderly patients it may last for weeks, or even for months and years, after

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by its occurrence in epidemics (so far confined to Poor Law Infirmaries)

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want of shapely form in face and limbs, while the hands are splay, blue,

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tion is accompanied by violent, purposeless, and inharmonious sensori-

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position of which young Dr. Mead (the Whig) made him-

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present knowledge of the fastidiousness of certain organisms as to the

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in rarer instances, the spasm begins in the feet, and is either limited to

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Definition. — Single or multiple, yellow or brownish pigmentary

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spasm on the same side, or progressively developing afterwards, strongly

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opposed to inflammation, lies in the absence of every secondary tissue

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though physicians will never quote, may perhaps contain

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1896. — 10. AgostiNi. Riv. sperim. di fren. — 11. Andrews, E. Journal of

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such as has just been described. Prominent among these are malaise,

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affected. The frontal, ascending frontal, ascending parietal, and occipital

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(whilst under treatment by arsenic) except for some thickening of the

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exciting cause of the movement is a part of the causation of action in the

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of the anterior horns of the spinal cord ; but, among other considerations,

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aspire to it, unless, whilst serving science and society, he

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in whom the eczematous surfaces became the starting-point of a general

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0 persons are encountered with such potent isogglutinins that the

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the rule — is that when the circumstances of the crime are such as to

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test to the 10-ml mark. Mix well. Assume, for example, that phenol

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epileptics is characteristic. The aspect of these dements is dull, listless,

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sake of obtaining a greater but more distant benefit.

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rhagic ; (c) the nails may be affected by similar injuries, becoming

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Western towns a man who called himself an "Indian doc-