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slant in the surface below the dorsal elevation causes somewhat the ap-

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that there are over 11,000 deaths each year from it; in Loudon in

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introducing exotic disease. It is reported that the smuggling so

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quarters in the Hotel Iturbide, in the centre of the city, near its chief

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of fibrous exudate distinctly bloody; no clots. The spleen weighed

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more systematically carried out. Nothing is more conducive to sleep

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or tetanus furnish a serum antitoxic to snake venom; also that dogs

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subscriptions are $15. POSTMASTER; Send address changes to the

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Martin, Buege, Petri, Massone, Kanthack and Sladen, Allan Mac-

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Laboratories, Division of Hoffmann-La Roche Inc., Nutley, New Jersey 07110.

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On the other hand, milk heated to the same point for fiiteen minutes

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edges and floor of the ulcers are very soft to the feel, and readily per-

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It was almost entirely filled by a smooth, hard tumor, which did not

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tion of pathological specimens, and is for ordinary work preferable to

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Pelvic Diseases of Women. Transactions of the Michigan State Medical Society,

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weight alone, and a stationary or even progressive pathological pro-

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is a very good indication of the lack of any reliable form of treatment,

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onion, salt, and pepper, add a little flour thickening.

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stay, the patient had attacks of malaria, occurring either daily or

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tour tablets daily in divided doses, increased to six tablets or

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The Treatment of Dog-bites. — Dr. J. C. Vaughax recommends the im-

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which to replace it. I echo his wish, and suggest that “reac-

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that they should be made to understand is that their digestive pow-

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studied. More recently Friedricli and Nosske liave again gone

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case showed marked improvement in every way, which he thinks

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Cornet protected himself by wearing an overall coat reaching to the

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many are closely aggregated. Koch compared the ajjpearance of

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with and spraying of liquid albolene, benzoinol, alphasol, or other

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