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win the lasting esteem and gratitude of many a mental sufferer.

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carefully and in small doses, both as a diagnostic means and as

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Matthews Duncan.* Neither Duncan nor myself found any such re-

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secondarily in the medulla of the gland, then caseating, and often softening.

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that cases of disease of the brain and nervous system are now also

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what is known as to the intimate relation of asthma and

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to send him as exact information as possible as to the

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policies that protect public health. One of the out-

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amygdalic glands, are situated external to the greater cornu

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the tenth to the twelfth centuries, it maintained the Greek tradition and

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recover. When the doctor came I met him at the gate.

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A gray-coated and flabby tongue, with an oval bare spot in

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had often had nervous troubles with his bladder ; and once

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two weeks, taking above remedies and walking a great deal. Is