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These cases were early treated with deep and free incisions; and in no case

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a hydrocele or varicocele or some equally unmechanical

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they were then of great value, and most correct; hence the opinions expressed

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lungs were partially adherent. At other parts the surface was

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If we turn now to the body of Dr. Fayrer's volumes, with

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tions and sequences, is kept steadily in view, will be continually verging

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it remained perfectly quiescent. During the act of vomiting, especially

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in the month of August, spread up along the course of the Danube

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mine a diagnosis of adenoids. They might come from^*

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free in the alveolffi, or also in the interior of the cancroid cones. They

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1868.] Report on Materia Medica and Therapeutics. 249

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and of its clinical value. Surgeons at home will peruse it with

feldene 20 mg posologie

blood, for injlammation, whereas diis condition of the vessels is one of

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treated by T. Fentem, Esq., of £yam, who, in addition to other treat-

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being made worse whenever he was noticed or questioned about it.

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A cow swallowed a quantity of carbonate of lead which had been

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likewise excluded from consideration. First, then, how does

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from the West Indies to Gibraltar, on the ground that their services would

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more severe, perspiration constant and very profuse, no change in the pulse.

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growth of hair are obscure. It is believed that disturb-

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darning-needle slightly damped, and dipped in powdered tartrate of antimony,

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some of the sight he has lost, and also at the same time to prevent a

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of red poultice; and Billard states that he has often seen them " falling

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plaster to hold them in corrected position — the doctor

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upon the appearance of a running nose, a sore throat, a

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have marked influence in connection with the affection.^

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eight days. No blood ever escaped. A tumour found reaching

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Journ., from Medizinische Jahrbuch des Osterreichiscken Staates, vol. xxx, 1840.

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den alterations of temperature that the mercury at Quebec has been known to

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the last-mentioned case, in which the ciliary body of the staphy-

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Marsh then proceeds to examine the ordinary treatment of

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the development of sympathetic disease, ana therefore advised

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of Dr. Fayrer^s work, we have noticed that the inflammatory

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by means of its oxygen, it displaces a portion of the iodine and

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became turbid, the coloboma smaller, the iris pushed forward, and