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ing a lecture on the physiological effects of mercury, when sud-
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than eighteen months ago. Each operation bids fair to be suc-
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he feared neither man nor devil ; he knew no fear except
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came a private pupil of the late Dr. Edward G. Janeway, one of the
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escaped swallowing, to the last drop, the nauseous doses for such
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the abdomen over eight hundred times. He was the first to
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should remember that it is a positive fact that periodical hem-
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ical Association, the American Medical Association, the Pathological
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it passes from individual to individual, from nation to nation,
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times a day; and the symptoms rapidly vanished, no unpleasant
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This book is due on the date indicated below or af th.
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ever, soon to be interrupted by a call from Philadelphia
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serum from the blood, was more effectually relieved by frequent
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century. He is one of the men who through professional ability
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Investigations of the properties of the drug have by no means
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Neurologist of that institution. He is also consulting Neurologist to
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of the Christmas pantomime, where hard knocks and practical
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turns of pains in the Bowels, and upon every change of his
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. . . has sufficient confidence in medicinal agents ; but recogniz-
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over again in this connection (see the chapters on Acute and Chronic Endo-
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ing throughout ; adhesion at apex as in left, crepitating on
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He is the son of S. C. Taylor, and was an orphan at the
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Proceedings of the State Board of Health of Kentucky, 1885.
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price $5 per year, in advance ; single copies, 50 cents.
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from a contusion of a large artery should not be moved.
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Neosho, Missouri, where he associated himself with an old
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tivated by so-called " irregular practitioners : " for no country fair
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of caffeine in dropsies in general, in cardiac affections, in asthma,
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Dulacska recommends that burns should be dressed with soda
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The gaseous development is not always due to a septic