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ferred to apomorphine as a sedative, and some distinctly

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that the physician who was called in, knowing nothing of the previous

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under the fostering care of llebra, and flourished in later

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relative to actions here. The taproot of our organi-

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measures seemed to be specially necessary owing to the fact that the

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state of the mucous membrane itself, except that it oc-

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pale, and its margin slightly blurred. The other parts

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Roy (C. D.) Report of a case of foreign body in the cho-

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test made with the use of charcoal or carmine will show that the time

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are they ? Although some few of the best civil hospitals have made par-

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interesting to see this specimen because as one looks

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Utethral discharge. At 8 :30 P. M. he brought to me what was appar-

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wire-handled camel's-hair throat-brush was used to paint over

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The YoUmt«crs at Brussels. Oct-ober, 1S66. Londtm: G. J. Stevenson.

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fulous pus. " * The brain, in this case, did not adhere, but the

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reversal of The Surgeon General's traditional oppo-

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inations of pure cultures of tubercle bacilli and failed to obtain any

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ovarian tissue must have been left behind at the time of operation, which

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50 to 1000 c.c. The opening may be large and patent, or may be small,

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tightly applied to exert a considerable amount of pressure

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either old or recent ; a few scattered petechite over the surface

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result that the hernial tumour becomes larger by the amount of

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troduction of certain chemical compounds into the sys-

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greatly from insomnia. At 5 o'clock on the day of admission to the

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symptoms have passed K*h\ tlie paralysis is notii^ecL The

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the localization over the mitral valve is especially characteristic of the

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growth within the os uteri. In consequence of the amount of the

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preferred by the patient. There is no uncertainty as to the

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I believe that in the normal throat there is no tonsil that you

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was three, the oldest eighteen years of age, the average being about

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fluid, mixed with blood and serum, were simultaneously dis-

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gut. After the diverticula have been given off from the esophagus

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of fact it had lived for eighteen hours, the proceedings being taken under

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mat. Ass. 1895, N. T., 1896, xix, 153-159.— Aiiiiei (N.) Di

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honours or riches of the world — and banishes all unnecessary thoughts

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and aorta are uncertain. Fraenkel mentions dilatation of the

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matter so prejudicial to his domestic relations and men-

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finally admitted into the general circulation, where its proximity to the

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in diy catarrh of the pharynx, with or without granulations. Li this

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time, though it rarely kills. It is oft^n said that

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public of proper sanitary measures, and, as regards the

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last voyage to a neglected existence in Spain, A.D. 1504. But

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