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or as the result of cerebral anaemia ; it may also terminate slowly by asthenia,

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With regard to the use of other antipyretics I need add nothing to what

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eighths of an inch above the middle of the auditory meatus, while if the

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tions of subluxation or partial dislocation at the shoulder- joint. These

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common form known as spasm of the glottis, or laryngismus stridulus,

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and rigidity over the abdomen, but more severe at the point of the in-

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nerve trunk or some other vital structure has been injured. The

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harmless. Their average duration is about four years. They have been

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lar in the beginning, but becomes solid by the process of ossification.

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pressed. Because of the extensive involvement of other tissues, the case

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constituents, the urine normally contains small quanti-

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geal secretion is excessive, the local ai)])lication of tiiri)entine son)etinie3

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several months, and in some cases even to years. It is seldom, however,

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of the nature of a ferment, sets up such destructive changes in the

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last of all the brain and skeleton. The fat is removed from the cells more

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mottled ; sub-conjunctival ecchymoses are often observed. The face has a