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of obtaining that medical treatment which theycould not avail them-
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were from patients past the menopause and the fifth from a patient
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and for long periods of time. Some horses may be made to yield a satis-
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separates the sexes ? Reformation in the training of children is
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of the precise extent of the spinal lesion by 'determining that / of
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many ordinary persons failed to recognize it even when it was pointed
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shairs slightly injuring her head, and in the evening she staggered,
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Fig. 44.— The Deadly Nightshade (Atropa Belladonna).
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acid in the stomach's contents, the only constituent able to separate it
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The idea of boosting the immune system, however, has never
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patients after delivery was good. The period of recovery was-
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gall-bladder or the bile ducts, often lead to inflamma-
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Case 16. — ^The patient, a physician, sailed for England, where
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said that he had had a paralytic seizure five years before. I asked him if
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value ; as sanitarians we certainly owe him a debt of
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the anticipated side effects of hypotension, headaches,
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This table is very instructive and tells its own tale.
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knees and elbows are the fate of miners. The irritation of the dust is
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not complain of cardiac distress except on presf^ure.
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which has been perhaps most commonly employed of any of
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unusual, in that I have never lost by puerperal con-
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When writing Advertisers please mention The American Journal of Clinical Medicir
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long ago by DoUinger, and more recently by Biesiadecki, —
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the neighborhood (inflammation in the neck, abscess of the lung,
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knowledge — physics and metaphysics being the poles of his
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recently a quotation by an American authcjr from a paper
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the second left interspace there was a marked pulsation. Tracings