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of tarsus, 1 for struma of tarsus, 1 for abscess in tibia, opening

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being non-poisonous and non-irritating, it deserves a trial.

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points of exit, where the intensity of sensibility is increased.

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He remembered long ago being told by Dr Tait, that when in prac-

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inner. The term ileocecal intussusception is applied to such cases.

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important are the patellar and biceps ones. This latter reflex is normally rarely

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skill.® Many BLS rescuers would possibly be better

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The evidence that arthritis occurs as a complication of amoebic

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A book purporting to be an abridgment of Lyte's translation

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mushroom tribe. This opinion is founded on the fact, that

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must be based upon a careful examination of the feces. The presence

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Alabama, M(m'tgomery, 1883, 447-449. — Valk (F.) Our

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Of course naso-pharyngeal catarrh is one of the symptoms of

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readily explained on the ground that these men were more exposed to cold and wet,aBd

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lapse. These distinctions seem to be pathologically just, and they are

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ism. While the phenomena now classified under either

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seen, beginning at the point where the needle has entered the skin

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that it may be capable of still further development.

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1917, this new diagnostic laboratory will be fraught

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they are directed, in so far as it is possible with a list of domestic

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filtration is quite marked at an early stage, even before

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Dr. Hudson's Observations on Typhoid Pneumonia. 399