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is organized under the charter of the College, but managed by a

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yertieally, 6 inches; antero-posieriorly (head included), 11 J

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and practical character of whose instructions has been forcibly exem-

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sediments. It was formerly regarded as identical with urorosein, but is now known

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are inclined to the view that another molluscan intermediary exists

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infant food. I can say nothing of the various prepared

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infection. (2) By the existence of at least two kinds of BicTiettsia in

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out, the surface of the brain would measure about four square

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By this is understood a rhythm in which the pauses between the

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the development of the hypothesis, it was impossible

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pared with the greater severity and epidemicity of epidemic cerebro-

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and that for that reason these women have much more

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than the former. Paregorics he gave, as he tells us,

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may occur rarely in the disease, or, on the other hand, they may be devel-

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Dr. Bahn received her baccalaureate degree at Hunter College in

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stance at the tentorial notch), is included in this

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stage of pneumonia, the cough is rarely attended by expectora-

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gave a negative result. He was catheterised, and the urine was

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per 100,000 of the population in 1880 to 499 in 1902. If, to the

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readily recognized in tlie districts where they live.

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sert, without examination, to whatever is stated. It is, says Brown, "a

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