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1904 a. — Trypanosomiasis or sleeping sickness in Sierra Leone <Ibidem, v. 7
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The term Listerism has been coined to designate the treatment of
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-•LJ —The Twenty-seventh ANNUAL JIKETING of this Branch
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Albuminous Urine. Means of detecting the Albumen. What it imports. Anaiomicnl
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at a much earlier age. The prognosis is uniformly bad.
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Each advance of the process in the lung, each transitory congestion,
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Rev. R. H. Wright, M. A-, head master of the Grammar School, Astford.
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alcohol, and tobacco. Finally, an early diagnosis can sometimes be
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9. Nancrede: Operation of Trephining for Jacksonlan Focal
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was dragged from her horse, carried into the woods,
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Art. Ill, Sec. 1. Each college holding membership in this
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