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less they arc eligible for the regular Army Veterinary Service

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Clinical Medicine Pathology and Hygiene. There will be a

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virtues exist in the Act as it now stands and it behooves the

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eight hours have elapsed. It would seem therefore that

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along the inner border of the psoas muscle from the bifurca

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has been carried out. There arc two classes of cases in

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My impression is that adhesions are formed when the appendix

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a little blood that passes between the sides of the vessel that

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Treatment. As soon as noticed change the feed and put

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ceived he showed his perfect devotion to the cause of his

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Apex. This patient comes of a family riddled with tuberculosis.

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There seemed to be no co ordination of words whatever. After two

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and research went to Dr. Magoun for research concerning

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Testing showed that not only near vision was perfect

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in certain zones. In aortic disease the characteristic projec

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rate indication of the amount of tuberculosis and tuberculisa

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fountains and streams from touching in the markets the goods he wished

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The writer was engaged intermittently lurinjjj five years previous

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Patrick Dun s Hospital and appeared so much prostrated that

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not as patient can bear hamamelis tincture one ounce to water one

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whatever its size system is the most essential factor. Leon

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deamidization. Perhaps the fault lay in a failure of pro

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of parturition and before it came into the world and was

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ferred from Cork Street Fever Hospital to the Meath with the

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duration so also the bandages must not be kept on long

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wounded Americans from remote areas lacking any semblance of medical facil

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of traveling on a special train. One that will be made up of

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considerable additions which thoroughly warrant him in

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enough of the infant s interest in its own body left

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Physiology was the science which treated of the conditions

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of the Medical Profession at the commencement of the Chris

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days. We also find that in Iowa the largest percentage of tuber

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bacillus although similar to Bacillus typhosus in its cultural charac

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