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within miles of the river. Two or three cretins are known in

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spaces were prominent and presented a quite percepti

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tion. I first extracted with the Beer knife. Soon after

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Nathan Smith M. D. Professor of the Theory and Practice of

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upon the already affected cows while on the healthy animals typical

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from it by the fimbrio dentate sulcus fig.. Caudally the

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or tepid water and the hydropathic packing the latter employed

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About a week after his examination he began to grow

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are to the physician must give way to a clear view of

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yeair le pi ei ier apr Ronsaurd fut beaueoup moins tendu et

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tendinous cords from being displaced in a manner direct their action

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indisposition followed after forty eight hours of illness by an erup

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its early stage. The chapters on ovarian tubes and ligaments on

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effusion is seldom large enough to require puncture and in the

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There is always danger of suffocation before the surgeon can

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become aggravated only very gradually. The eyes are rarely

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ical function of that joint must be considered even

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desirable to see the demonstrations by one of our own members.

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ological and anatomical soundness of the alveolar walls should be main

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exposed by a lumbar incision especially if it be an uncom

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squamous epithelial cells and free granules. On December

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be offered to the movement of blood in the pulmonary arteries the

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all kinds of professional work with memoranda and accounts.

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Laser in Reproductive Surgery and In Vitro Fertilization and Alternatives.

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design was to improve the present jjlan by introduc

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All the foregoing may be summed up in the statement that if

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body lens cornea lids etc. have been added to increase the

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drains by position washes from the first with tepid water

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diagnosis of tumors of the larynx we may refer to a case

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tissue for the canal itself measured now scarcely four inches

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carditis embolism infarcts or metastatic abscesses in

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field medical panniers so that they may be made available

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Thomas Stone asked me to see this patient who had been suffering from

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in civil practice. In this brief monograph the effect of cardiac strain

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Eadiography has given much information of the position of the viscera

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throat supervened with mucous vesicles on the tongue followed by a

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processes as memory attention judgment reasoning etc. It is thought

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he rigidity passed away still continued irritable and

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stant relationship between this phenomenon and the Was

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is a great tendency in subsequent years for the dis

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The sanitary condttion of New York is of vital interest to the whole

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Should the edges of a cut be allowed to gape open or should

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