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any transportation company other than railway lines
Specific equine nephritis due to B. nephritidis equi.
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knee was put up in plaster of Paris and the patient
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lated cases of typhoid fever did appear was because
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Committee. Declared goals and purposes of the Committee include role
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catarrh there is an inclination to acute suppurative
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the retardation of the mass within reach of efficient absorbents may
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chloroform well so the operation was continued. The fissure in the
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poison does not always give rise to eclampsia as you know for
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each instance. According to Holt this procedure has been carried out with
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slips down has its velocity greatly increased if its under surface be
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nently relieved by their treatment. Probably a simi
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of cofrection and yet they are not equally subject to these diseases.
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hereunder stated observing however that such Lectures
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acter is usually recognized by inspection or palpation. If
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majority of his cases in an early stage. Hence arises
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trix of an affection very common in Armenia as it is
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alted position upon which they as members of the profes
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condition known as erosion of the cervix. Be was satisfied from his own
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at the th General Hospital developed a method of fabricating an artificial
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enumeration of the articles comprised in this volume
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on Extra Uterine Pregnancy with an account of two cases
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thorough understanding of its methods could the best
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are the bark of the root and the pith of the extremi
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Twenty two. of these patients with immediate postoperative
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return. One student last year had two expensive operations thus
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cattle slaughtered lesions were found in a percentage
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Dr. Vathaniel C. Husted who for the last thirty years
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recommend our patients to set up domestic medichie chests the better
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It is therefore evident that there exists a distinct organ immunity.
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scribed by lt rookshauk. identical with B. nieseutericus
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diarrhoea of the enterocolitis type. There is little doubt that this organism
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ing oxidation to occur instead of construction of tissues.
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Except in superficial situations they are usually not recognized during life.
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over with a coating of aristol and collodion. I then sprinkled the
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paralyzed the operation.sliould he erf rined after a lapse of alx ut
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observed on waking in the morning and three or four times

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