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posing cause rendering them liable to the occurrence of con

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she never drank beer wine or whisky she had for a long

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shape of loose round granules. Psammoma rarely exceeds the

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Treatment of Tuberculosis of the Upper Air Passages.

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nothing like an epidemic of the disease is to occur.

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sensory nerves throughout their whole length from the

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annihilate the virus in the body without damaging its functions

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Calves Feet Milk. Calves feet prepared In the same manner as

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Two leading kinds of obesity are met with in practice and may be

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months and epidemics have been described as occurring in various parts of

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patients had received similar treatment over long periods oftentimes in

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Chirurgical Society and a resolution of the said Society were

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clusion that this represents a vicarious function between the thyroid and

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Now whence arises this loss of power so often witnessed in

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to occur. Some years ago he had seen such a case at the

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Streptococcus pneumoniae Diplococcus pneumoniae Haemoph

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These Essays are from the pens of gentlemen of acknow

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of carbonic acid evolved a result to be expected when we

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Mr. Cline purchased the collection of preparations made by

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developing nephritis which arises from prolonged hyperfunction and impair

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part of the enlargement is most affected by the movement in other

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distend the arterial coverings until the aneurysmal pouch is

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ever the pulsation was rarely recognized by ordinary

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there are two openings in the wall of the duodenum.

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mally tenderness on pressure over the kidney and fre

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their bowels. It was found that hogs exposed to the fresh manure of

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apparently does not produce the depressing effects noticed with potas

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herited character of most nervousness in children. Com

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a thrombus may be formed anywhere in the vascular tract.

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