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had had an old lesion when the disease first appeared.

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its convulsions its tremulous speech but this has seldom been

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hydrochloric acid. Or to three parts bleaching powder add

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himself on all the apparatus as much as possible. Results

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useful indications relative to other abdominal organs. It will re

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lips and cheek are powerless and. on account of paralysis

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be at hand use a red hot iron or anything to destroy the

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cocci are transferred to the culture medium there still remains to

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this city and appropriated to themselves the education of

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tion of three ligatures two venous and one arterial the external

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left tube and a portion of the broad ligament. The patient made a

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extent. Alcoholic fluids truly do exhilerate with the greatest

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syphilis malignant disease and lupus of the larynx. With regard to

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severe lucmorrhage a few hours earlier. Examination revealed the presence of

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cases the results of revaccination are the same as those of primary

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the vagina to such an extent that an operation for closure of the

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the respect and confidence of his fellow townsmen than he

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they must always repair to the camp fire for poio woio. Mr

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jr ray showed renal calculus coexisting. In the other

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fers from that due to gall stones in the fact that continued fever

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with mucus suggesting a mild colitis. There is no ulceration.

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not dreaded by the patient. Diminution of size of the pseudo membrane

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perience in the use of this drug and the clinical mani

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A softening gumma and perhaps actinomycosis may give rise to the

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reasons above given for the theory of thrombosis caused a preference for

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tion but returned immediately on a continuous cui rent of

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destruction of the endothelial cells of the serosa. Is

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the bladder has been in many cases drawn out of the

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sity. Not less necessary was a wise and active pure food

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should be accelerated as much as possible. The next

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away complete with its capsule. To make this result more

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stricture of the ureter and the infection of the sac

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Pan American Medical Congress will be held in Wash

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in older people. It is the common cause of death from

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istitutions not of tlie pliysicians and the remedy

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