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and the most distressing. The sight was utterly gone the
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quantity contained in one ounce or in pni ts of urne. This
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vaginal examination recognising as we do the fact that
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Hemorrhagic septicemia of sheep is characterized in acute
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ing from reduction of temperature. The child took cold
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lesser curvature or near it a little nearer the cardia
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taken in milk adult two teaspoonfuls thrice daily at meal
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small ruptures in the vessel walls hemorrhage per hexin.
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langue frangoise n avoit pas eu a sa naissance les aslres et les
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The eft usion in the lesser pelvis is usually infected
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retroversion of the uterus had taken place the os uteri being
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from much that has been already said to the last degree
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pulmonary capillaries obstructs the blood in the nu
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faced rosy fat little man with white hair and a jovial
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tion is not impaired. The symptom has occurred with one excep
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opening be made into the stomach where the bar rested the
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cases defects noted intimation sent to parents homes visited
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which included mucous membrane were slid up from the
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animals we find marks of intelligence power and benevolence
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quate living are reduced. Second from this the result
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The chronic catarrh that is a forerunner of tuberculosis is never
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the large Hospitals at Constantinople under his charge during
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Cases are common in which menstruation is absent without pro
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the subject of blood infusion. He believes he had the

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