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this nature is the amazing evidence given by Guy's Hospital. We sus-
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the Committee of the Society for Aid to the Sick and Wounded, is of
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ferred to in the first Recommendation be required to pass an Examina-
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there was some little discrepancy ; and, unless it were cleared up, it was
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improved the state of the l^owels, the child was weaned, and recovery
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vigour in the use of language, is perfectly readable, and is also sound in
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tamination arose from sewer-air or sewer-water. Disinfection, too, was
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candidate for election. I have been induced to adopt this course in
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The annual old students' dinner was held in the great hall of the Hos-
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closets, must be thoroughly cleansed and disinfected. If the walls of
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insert in your Journal, you are at liberty to publish It. A healthy infant, si.x
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tional ^10 los. Extra Fees : Subscription to Library (compulsory);£'l
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Mrs. Catherine Isabella Robertson (Scots Greys), Bronze Med. 60
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9. That, in any re-arrangement of sanitary organisation resultuig
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on each day, the meetings had been veiy well attended. Numerous
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in the right eye there was a large irregular jjatch in the centre, where
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Dr. Stallard agreed with the views expressed by Mr. Hart. There
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treatment by hypodermic injections of carbolic acid.
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18. " On the Health and Meteorology of Newcastle and Gateshead during the
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lorrner is laid out with oflfrces, and is employed by the various adminis-
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and morbid changes. The art of medicine says, give iron as a remedy.
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character of the m.ijor and minor examinations conducted by the society.
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part of the recognised curriculum of education, Mr. Welbank joined
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Surgeons, 9 to 10 A.M.; I'hysicians, 10 to 11. — The central position of
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RETFORD GENERAL DISPEN-SARY— House-Surgeon and Apothecary.
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that the change of life is a perilous period for those women who enter
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Shetland; Mr. H, Terry, Northampton; Dr. Gervis, London; Dr. C. B. Taylor,
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charge, btit their funds are nearly exhausted, and the £iGo necessary
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British Medical Association, having met at Manchester a few months
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very severe injuries. Deviation of the ball, so as to take a course round
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dates one hundred patients, has been doing good service during the
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Wound of the elbow-joint, i case ; resection was done. Wounds of
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General Pathology, ^ during courses including not less than loo Lec-
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A SERIES of papers by the above-named eminent chemist has been re-
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reform at the College of Surgeons, has consented to act as Treasurer
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;!^I0 los. — total, £14. 14s. Matriculated students receive a deduction
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wards wounded the lung. In one of these I found it necessary to excise